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Tropic Thunder (2008)

You are no longer actors in a movie, you are five men in a helicopter. With three other men.

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Possible Theme Park, Westcot.

Did you know? That before the Disneyland resort planned on building California Adventure they had their eyes set on bringing Epcot over to the West Coast? When Michael Eisner and Frank Wells took over the company in 1984 they saw promise and profit in the parks and started to expand aggressively. This came in the form of new hotels in Florida which was a very inspiring success for the company.

The same however could not be said for Disneyland, Eisner wanted to convert it into the Walt Disney World Resort like structure and expand it to make it a multi park experience. So with the popularity of epcot Eisner challenged his Imagineers to create something amazing to really draw people to the california property. They came up with the astounding WestCot idea which would have been a staggering 3.1 billion dollar plan that was aimed to bring in the next generation of theme park ideas. This expansion would have included multiple themed hotels, a shopping and dining district, a state of the art amphitheater and the transformation of the surrounding area into gardens.  The goal of the park would have been to celebrate our cultural diversity and those elements that truly connect us: our humanity, our history, our plant and our universe. The icon of this park would have been a 300 foot gold sphere compared to Epcot’s 180 foot sphere.

However unlike epcot the park itself would have been designed much differently in regards to showcasing other cultures. Instead of a what epcot has which is similar to a worlds fair with individual countries WestCot would have had the Four Corners of the world. Which was the New World (Americas),Old World (Europe), World of Asia, and then finally World of Africa. The aim with this park was to make it entirely immersive and interactive for guests even giving guests the experience to spend the night in those areas of the parks.

Each land would have had significant attractions especially Asia which would have had a roller coaster that put you along the great wall of china and exit you through the Dragon’s teeth Mountain.Africa would have had bongo playing and other various activities to do. The New world would have had a hollywood section and The Old World would have been based on shows and would have had a high stakes James bond attraction. Besides the four corners of the world a new kind of future world would have also existed with Wonders of Living, Wonders of Earth, and Wonders of Space thus creating the Seven wonders of Westcot. The park itself would have held a record for the longest ride ever built by disney at the time with a boat ride that would connect the four lands that was to be 45 minutes long. The ride would dock at one of the different lands every 9 minutes incase guests didn’t want to stay on too long but it would show scenes during the ride that reflected the land they were passing. 

As for a reason why this project never saw the light of day there are too many to count the entirety and the grand scale of this expansion was so giant that it ran into equally giant problems. The first was the funding as euro disney was tanking at that time which put a giant dent into the companies funds. Another giant issue was the fact that disney wanted the federal government to pay for the state of the art parking garages they wanted to install to showcase the future of automobile parking which the government simply did not want to fund. Slowly but surely they began to downsize Westcot and eliminate some of the more thematic elements and westcot began to sink into a coma. On January 1995 WestCot had passed away peacefully in it’s sleep, so Michael Eisner called a summit of his 30 top people and then something new was born California adventure. Taking the place of the Westcot site was the new expansion known as California Adventure. Thus the plans for the Anaheim center were abandoned as were the other grandiose hotels and parking garages that were to be made, in their place was the smaller Grand Californian spa and resort, Downtown disney, and the Mickey and friends parking garage. 

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New trays! #epcotfoodfestival #epcotfw14

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Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra share their respective recipes for Hamburgers.

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Ben Hill by Bjarne Jonasson for OUT Magazine

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Doley doley dole whip! #epcotfoodfestival

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Egyptian mythology is best mythology



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What is color. What is perspective. Why am I still awake.

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Today’s Gender of the Day is: The flower shop scene from The Room

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So this happened.

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The Defender is a pepper spray that when sprayed takes a picture of the person you’re spraying and sends it the police along with your GPS location, user information, as well as flashing a bright light in the attackers face and emitting a loud alarm.



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Artist is Ashlmet

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Oh my god. Headcanons.

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 Daniel Zenker

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