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Garlic Parmesan Fries (by Damn Delicious)

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I never know what direction my life is going in. I’ve learned to just roll with it. (Or at least I stress out less…)

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He’s only two years older than me. Stop it.

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New idea and I need your help.


So that last submission got me a pretty cool idea for my submission box which is usually pretty empty. And I think I am going to retool what I use it for. SO here is my idea, every Sunday is going to be a sort of Cast member story time type of day. Where I will post up to 3 stories that I find hilarious, weird, or inspiring/happy from cast members. But in order to do that I am going to need any cast member on here to post/submit their own experiences. I think this is a cool idea for a lot of reason but the most important is that it gives some spotlight on the best  part to any Disney theme park. And that is the Cast Members. So if you’re a cast member and you think you have a cool story please submit it here and we will see what happens! I will say how I chose which stories get posted is pretty subjective and based on which ones I think are the best of the bunch. So if your’s doesn’t get picked please don’t hate me, who knows maybe I will use it on the next Sunday or something along those lines. Anyways if the submission box idea gets too crazy I may just shut the box until I can organize it accordingly. If I do that I will make sure to announce it on here. 

I hope you all can help out! 


Oh this is gonna be FUN.

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Safety Helmet, Not Safety Mask.


Funny story I thought I’d share: I currently work at Disney Quest. There are two attractions in the building that require you to strap on a “battle helmet” or a “safety turban” (Aladdin and Ride the Comix). At one of these attractions, I was telling people how to put on the helmets. “Knob goes in the back, turn it right to tighten it.” Everyone in the group put it on their heads as told. Easy. But mom… She had the knob on front. While that happens often, what happened next was odd. I told her “No, ma’am, the knob goes on the back of your head.” So he lowers the helmet… over her face, and starts to wear it as a mask. “Like this?” she asked. “No, ma’am. It goes on your head.” She tightened the knob… on her chin. “Like this?” she asked again. “Uuuh. No-” That’s when the husband came in and saved the day.

So from now on, in my spiel, I say, “These are your helmets! Make sure they’re on your head with the knob in the back, and turn it right to tighten it.”

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Anonymous said:
What's the purpose of Team Disney buildings? (TDA, TDO, etc.) I never understood their role in theme park attractions and how they work with Imagineering.


It’s the management system that operates the resort. Team Disney anaheim is everyone involved with making the decisions of what goes where and the budget etc etc for the Disneyland resort. TDO is involved with managing orlando. Imagineering doesn’t make a ride and then tell them where they are putting it. Instead tdo will say “We want a ride, under this budget, in this building, within this time frame using this IP” and imagineering has to  work around that. So you could see how this gets troublesome. Because imagineering has thousands of ideas, most of which that never get used sadly.

Team Disney is also where the cast member gym is.

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…I don’t see a difference





The whole boy/man befriends mythical flyingl/giant creature and tames it trope is hardly a dream works original creation.

Just a few examples. 

okay but the smart-dorky-boy-with-family-problems-who-finds-a-big-best-friend-he-must-keep-a-secret-and-helps-him-to-fly-and-makes-compatible-gear-for-both-of-them-and-befriends-a-squad-of-dorks-to-help-him-save-the-day trope isn’t exactly your everyday occurrence.

In harry potter he kept buck beak a secret. In Big iron giant he was kept a secret. Part of the mythical/bestfriend trope involves making the protagonist special through this bond with whatever it the creature happens to be.  This isn’t a revolutionary concept on either side.  image

Boy befriends said creature. Boy helps said creature from a group of people who don’t understand it’s actually good and are willing to harm it. Boy gets group of friends who understand and see this creature is good and helpout. The kids really get it and the adults just don’t understand. Boy Flys with the help of the creature. Oh and said creature is kept a secret.

Now do you see what I am saying here?  Are E.T and HTYD the same film? No. So I would say you all wait and see before pouncing on BH6 and acting like HTYD has no predecessors from which it built it’s themes from.

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There’s a Canadian dairy magazine called “Cowsmopolitan.” Source

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Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman - Perfect Couple.


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Homosexuality is unnatural! It says so in this book where snakes talk, people come back from the dead, a guy walks on water, and a virgin has a baby.

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Peanut Butter Mousse Cups (by Minimalist Baker)

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